Bathroom Clutter and Morning Routine

by Jill Radabaugh on September 26, 2012

Happy Autumn!  It’s been a gorgeous September in Minnesota!  The leaves are turning, and it’s time to prepare our little nests for a lovely new season.

I would like to share a couple of tips with you, regarding something I have learned about sunscreen, and also how to organize your hair products and make-up.

According to my facial plastic surgeon (who stitched me up after removal of a patch of skin cancer on my face) most sunscreens don’t work to block the harmful cancer causing rays from the sun.  After much discussion, his bottom line was that we need Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide at a minimum of 5% in our sunscreens.  The other chemical sunscreens prevent burning which helps, but does not block the harmful rays.  Here are the sunscreens that I have found.  The powdered Colorscience is nice to reapply over make-up.  Please let me know what you find that works for you


Do you have too many products taking up space in your bathroom?  Are you sentimentally attached to your goods, and having trouble weeding out what you don’t use?  Try this!  Get two baskets or shoe boxes and place all your products in one of them.  Once you use a product place it in the other container.  In December anything you haven’t used gets thrown away or donated to someone who will use it.  Old product does spoil so it is ok to throw it out.  Use this technique for your make-up as well.


To keep your counters free of clutter, separate your facial products from your hair products and keep them in containers in a cabinet or closet. Take out the container when you are getting ready and put it away when you are finished.

I keep my make-up in a desk drawer and use a lit make-up mirror for application.  I place my make-up brushes in a pretty little vase and lip- stick, mascara and liners in little ceramic bowls and a small make-up bag.  All my eye shadow colors are in a little clear box, and powders and blushes in a small Tupperware box.

Have a wonderful Autumn, be good to yourself and I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips!

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