Renewal of Mind, Body and Spirit

by Jill Radabaugh on March 14, 2011


How well are you doing, taking care of yourself?  Are you placing your own needs at the bottom of the list again and again?  How is that working for you?  As for me, I am on a life-long journey of self-improvement.  It is a journey with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns.  Some days I have balance, and others I lose my footing.  But I do, get back up again and again.  Life is extremely difficult, and not for the faint hearted.  We all have a story.

For now, I would love to have you join me, in a season of renewal and refreshment.  No matter what is going on, can you join me in my goal of each and every day, doing something kind, fun, or good for myself.  For me, it is the Christian celebration of Lent.  It could be the celebration of Spring as well.  For me, when I do the kind, fun or good for me thing, I reflect on God’s love for me.  It could be reflection of your love for yourself and the beautiful creation we live in.

This past week, my efforts looked like this:

One day, I made myself a healthy smoothie.  Another day, I went for a drive with one of my Darling Daughters, and my Wonderful Husband and watched the Eagles in Wabasha, MN.  I listened to meditation music on my iPod and relaxed, crocheted a baby bonnet and booties for my neice, and did a couple of workouts.  As I experienced these activities, I focused on being in the moment, and reflecting on God’s love for me.  It was wonderful!

Three people this week, asked me if I have lost weight.  I haven’t lost a pound, although I have been physically active and eating healthy foods.  I believe they noticed a change in me, due to the acts of kindness that I have been blessing myself with.  Beauty flows from the outer to the inner.  As I exfoliate, moisturize, exercise and primp, I feel better about myself, so the beauty soaks inward.  As I read inspirational literature, get plenty of rest, and treat myself with kindness, the beauty of this flows outward.

I would love to hear what you are doing to renew your mind, body and spirit, this season.



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Amber March 14, 2011 at 8:02 pm

During this season, I am working on refreshing my marriage. Instead of complaining, I am trying to focus on the great things my husband does. I am also trying to encourage what he is doing. I am trying to do things before I am asked to do them – like the dishes!

As far as renewing my spirit, I am placing trust in God instead of in doubts. I talk with Him more instead of focusing on worries.

Kaylan September 25, 2011 at 8:51 am

I just hope weohver writes these keeps writing more!

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